Math Support Gals


This page is dedicated to class material and other free resources you may download and use in your activity. In progress.

Exploring scientific ideas is often a very intuitive and "visual" activity - especially when disciplines are not yet mature. And here you may find a powerful tool: scatter plots.

Mathematics may also be "fun". A way to travel in new worlds without leaving your living space. And meanwhile, not necessarily unuseful. You may find an example in this note, dealing with a simulation about modeling daisy development, and finding something entirely different. If you like, you may continue the exploration yourself with the same program used in the note.

Science is a hands-on activity! You may experience yourself in this beautiful site from the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, featuring games and activities.

Life itself. Perhaps there is no other subject in human knowledge where mathematics and physics may play an important role. This is a first contact, dealing with trees, forests, and ecology - from a physical standpoint. Handwritten - sorry so sloppy!

Driving appeals so many, teenagers especially, in industrialized countries. Independence. Possibility. But, also, environmental costs and safety issues. All mathematical things!